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Friday, 15 October 2010

About Plateaux

Plateaux is an audio/visual project headed by multi-talented composer/producer, Oskar Vizan and the elegant and atmospheric visual artist Soichi Matsumoto of Quadroptica.
The concept of plateaux came about when they toured together with Talvin Singh's TaBtek project from 2004 through to 2008. Oskar and Soichi were interested in the idea of cinematic expression through the fusion of sound and imagery as opposed to the more experimental/improvised approach of TaBtek.
When the tour finished, they put their ideas together and produced their first work “Profound” and “Moon”. Peter Joseph - creator of the Zeitgeist movies - personally approved the use of the radio interview samples featured in “Profound” while “Moon” has been selected, with highly acclaimed reviews, as the staff's pick video by Vimeo.